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Section 1- Introduction
Welcome video, How to best use this site
During this short introduction, I will provide a visual demonstration for each of the breathing patterns used in this program and provide you with a best practices guide for the program
   Run time 20:00
Intro-1, Your voice of knowing
Before we can begin to resolve a problem, we need first to realize that there is one. When you start listening to that voice inside, your intuition, that's often ignored, is where we will begin.
  Run time 15:32
Intro-2, Who we really are
Let's start putting the pieces back together that were never really apart by beginning to understand who we are and what we're capable of, when we accept the truth that existed before we were born and will continue long after we're gone
   Run time 14:32
Intro-3, What's Really Possible?
Imagine playing baseball without a pitcher, driving a car without wheels, painting a picture without paint or baking a cake without ingredients. To thrive as a Human, we need all of our parts to work together.
  Run time 27:02
Intro-4, Changing your life's blueprint
Recreating a new blueprint for your life starts with communicating with the architect, the higher self. The process is simple and what may seem mystical by today's standards, was simply a way of life for people for thousands of years. So let's get started.
   Run time 15:27
Section 2- Breath Work
Guided Alpha Breathing Method
This guided breathing process is the cornerstone of this program, designed to suppress the ego, allowing your super consciousness to expand beyond the confines of our 3rd dimensional illusion and tapping into your highest self
  Run Time 60:00
Tum-mo Guided Breathing Meditation
YES, this is the same breathing meditation kept secret by Tibetan monks for thousands of years to control body temperature by using their minds, studied and confirmed by a Harvard study in 1992
Run time 45:00
Released  Mo 3

Section 3- Quantum Leaps
Activating The Human Energy Complex.                           
When you quite the Egoic mind, you allow your unconscious mind to move beyond its 3rd-dimensional boundaries and connect with your higher self. This process will allow you to experience your highest form of existence.
Run time 20:23
Altering Reality
Quantum Physics teaches us that reality is merely waves and particles of energy that exist in infinite states of possibilities until they're observed During this process, YOU will be the observer.
Run time 17:47.
Emotional Transformation Technique
A powerful tool for creating positive change. We all give meanings to the events in our lives, and those meanings create pain. (TLD) allows you to safely return to those events, altering their meaning, forever altering the events impact.
Run time 19:58
Emotional Parts intergration
 Life experiences can alter your values and beliefs leaving you with conflicts that you don't understand. This advanced tool will remove internal conflicts bringing you back to a state of peace and harmony feeling empowered.
Run time 18:23
Released  Mo 2

Time Line Dynamics
Advanced tool for creating positive change. We all give meanings to the events in our lives, and those meanings create pain. (TLD) allows you to safely return back to those life events, forever altering the impacts of their old meanings
Run time 29:19  Released Mo 3
Unstoppable Confidence
Combined advanced breathing and visualization process developed to take you deep down the rabbit hole, knocking down any barriers that may have stood in your way in the past.

   Run time 19:21
   Released Mo 4

How to attract the ultimate relationship
People are attracted to the very things in others that they love and hate the most in themselves. This process will get you clear in what you need to be in order to attract a successful relationship.
   Run time 17:38
   Released Mo 5

Self Healing Quest
Self Healing is a scientific reality. Fake drugs,  called placebos have been administered to patients for decades to compare their healing power against real drugs. The results  have shown that the mind can achieve miracles.
  Run time 17:28
  Released Mo 6

Special Guest Speaker
I'm beyond excited to bring you this very special guest speaker who has been a mentor of mine for 25 years. This interview has been 2 years in the making and I cant wait to bring it to you.
  Run time 60:00
  Released  Mo 7

Unleashing Explosive Creativity
Advanced process that will unleash abilities that you never knew you had. Your ability to create is your abilty to believe. Some of the greatest artists who have ever existed, started with nothing more than a desire to achieve and  greatness followed.
  Run time 18:35
  Released  Mo 8

Live community driven webinar
 Since the topic and subject matter is based on what the community is most interested in experiencing or learning more about, the topic will be released a month in advance of the event.  
  Run time 60:00
  Released  Mo 9

Finding true happiness
This process advanced process will help you to find that inner child again and remind you about Supporting People, Values, Playfulness, Acceptance, Purpose, Contribution, Forgiveness, Exploration and Gratitude.
 Run time 00:00
Released  Mo 10

Spirituality, Science or Both?
Science and Spirituality have hit a crossroad in recent years as scientist attempt to unravel our universe. The Physicist might say that the observer collapsed spirituality into reality and the spiritualist might argue that Physicist found god.
 Run time 17:18
 Released  Mo 11

Become a prosperity magnet
You will Learn through this process that the greater the value we put on things, the harder they seem to acquire. This process will remove all barriers keeping you from the abundance you desire and deserve.
 Run time 15:25
 Released  Mo 12

Section 5- Daily Riturals
"Nobody Can Do Meditation"
When people try to meditate they often come to a conclusion that it’s very difficult or impossible because that they are trying to do it. You cannot do meditation, but you can become meditative, and this is what you will learn in this video.
Run Time 19:39
Managing Thoughts and Emotions
We are all thinking creatures and what we Think about impacts our feelings. For example, If you're feeling Anxious, Sad or Depressed, those feelings also knowingly or unknowingly began with a thought.
   Run time 5:46
Unleashing the power of mindfulness
Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, Powerful therapeutic technique.
   Run time 8:11
What you didn't know about mantras
This is one of my favorite segments, because it like meditation it is one of the most underutilized, yet power and necessary tools in your arsenal. Use this tool often and you will head off potential pitfalls
   Run time 18:15
Riding the waves of life
Like the seasons or the cycles of life and death, things are forever changing and transforming and doing the right thing at the wrong time can get you in trouble. This segments will show you how to recognize the shifts before they happen.
   Run time 12:03
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Emotional Breathing Process
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Tummo Meditation- Release your inner Fire
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Quantum Leaping Processes (12 Sessions)
You'll begin the program with three core leaps, followed by a more advanced jump each month as you progress.
 Live Evergreen Webinars
Live guided Breathing and advanced visualization sessions
Bonus #1:    Emotional Parts Integration
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true...
Bonus #2:    Time Line Dynamics
A  tool developed to bring internal conflicts into alignment
Bonus #3:    Daily Rituals
Best practices video's to help keep you on the path to success
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